15 June 2011

When Ironworking met I.T.

Today, one of our techs, who has a diploma in metalworking, found a unique solution to mounting a hard drive rack into a proprietary Dell 5 1/2 inch bay. This particular machine was destined to be a server and was to have 3 terabyte 3.5'' drives mounted. The rack was blocked by two protrusions from the case, and had means of being secured to the chassis.

Our tech whipped out his multi tool, used skilled metalworking techniques to bend back the protrusions right at their base, placed the hard drive rack into the chassis. To secure the rack to the chassis, he used the same protrusions, bending them back and right over until they where flush with the bottom of the hard disk rack. That provided a solid mounting base for the rack and required no holes drilled or reamed and made the 5.5 inch bay usable for the 3.5 inch drives.

Truly an 'outside the box' solution, to fall back on iron working techniques for I.T. tasks, but also a great hardware hack that solved the issue in the minimum of time, no expense and with ease.

The idea we're trying to get across here is to always look at problems from other angles; very often one can find a solution from an 'non-related' field.

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