29 May 2011

How to obtain an IPVv6 tunnel on debian and ubuntu and windows with minial effort.

he.nethttp://gogonet.gogo6.com/page/freenet6-servicesSo, you've probably heard about IPv6. If not, I suggest reading the article at Wikipedia as short primer. Wikipedias ipv6 page In short, IPv6 is the emerging standard for Internet protocol addresses. (currently we mostly use the 32 bit IPv4 address, the all so familiar "" as an example) However, the pool of IPv4 address's has run dry, and now what is coming out is the IPv6 address, which provides for 128bit addresses that look like "2001:0:53aa:64c:2c91:c387:ba5a:505f"  Expressed in hexadecimal and having many more unique address's to choose from.

Okay so you want to use IPv6 but your ISP does not offer it yet. Well don't let that stop you. There services called tunnel brokers, who will give you a "tunnel" over IPv4 to carry IPv6 packets. For both Debian and Ubuntu Linux, this is an easy task.

You can go to freenet6 if you have if you have Microsoft windows, follow the on screen instructions, download their client program, and volia! you have IPv6 connectivity. If you have Debian or Ubuntu Linux, obtain the package "gogoc" either though snypatic package manager, or by using the command line "sudo apt-get install gogos" That package will automatically make a tunnel between you and their IPv6 tunnels. Another tunnel broker is Hurricane Electric Their tunnels however, require more technical know how to configure, so if your just new to this, I suggest gogo6/freenet6. However, Hurricane offers you a routed /48 block of addresses, which if you know how to use, is quite the gift... Now to check your IPv6 connectivity try using IPv6 version of google. If the page loads, congratulations, you are now part of the IPv6 collection of interconnected networks, also termed an Internet!

If it does not load or there is no obvious manner to set up a 6in4udp tunnel, try searching the Internet for the specifics of configuring your operating system to allow IPv6 connectivity.  

I hope you found this post informative and useful.

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