14 June 2011

A little reminder about something that left me connectless

So, I had gotten a new ADSL modem and was excited to install in. So I quickly pull the phone wire, the cat 6 that goes to my switch and the power and swap in the new one.

Silly me! I'm using point to point over Ethernet (PPPOE) and I did not have my password around. I tried the old modem, but had forgotten the password due to being unplugged.

I was screwed. I use an independent Internet Service provider, so no tech support to call.

Then I remembered I had the connection details in my email. So off to the Internet Cafe it was; to search my mail for the password. I did find it and set up my modem.One of these to be exact- TP-Link TD-8616 - DSL modem - external - Fast Ethernet - 24 Mbps .

Now I keep my PPPOE password in my wallet. (No not with my user-name, making it useless to anyone else) and I recommend that anyone keeps a piece of information needed to "bootstrap" a system written and handy, a lesson well learned.

I figured I'd share that tale as I install gentoo on a box...doing the tarball download.

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