The content here is written by a group of I.T. professionals who are loosely associated into DD-49 network, with DD-49 being the ARIN Org I.D. for their network.
All articles are reviewed by at least two people in the network before being posted, to ensure accuracy of technical content.

This site is published in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. With the main editor being Dylan Di-Salle.

Contacting DD-49 network can be done by emailing DDnetcon@gmail.com or to get the NOC, for a faster reply, dn518@torfree.net

Others are encouraged to submit anything I.T. related they have written to us, provided its under a permissive/free license. We will review it, and if it is technically correct, publish it with attribution to you as the author, your license terms and link to your website, if applicable.

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