09 June 2011

A small networking glitch that put my net off-line.

So, I was I just trying to add a route to my routing table...no big deal. But after I did so, I was unable to bring my internal network online. I scanned my settings and did not see anything wrong VPI/VCI where correct, gateway was correct.

I was truly confused. Then finally, I looked at the PPPoE settings...some how a single letter in my user name was dropped! No wonder I couldn't connect huh? So I corrected the letter and saved my settings. I waited 20 minutes. Still no connection!

After logging back into my ADSL modem, I seen it had not saved my PPPoE user name correctly!

I decided to correct it again. This time, it finally took.

The message here is, always check all your settings when you have a failure mode, and after you correct them, check to ensure they are genuinely corrected and saved and not discarded.

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